The 5 Best Cruelty-Free Cleaners for your Home

Being vegan is a journey and comes with its learning curve.

When I started my vegan journey, the only aspect I understood was that of food. But over the years, I have learned that veganism is not just a diet but about living a more ethical lifestyle on a day-to-day basis. While leaving animal products off your plate is a big part of this lifestyle choice, so is avoiding things that include animal ingredients, animal testing, and toxic chemicals.

I guess this approach of transformation is one of the biggest things that has drawn me more to the vegan way of life. It is during my research that I found out so many of the products that we use daily involve animal testing as well as harmful and toxic chemicals. Such products are not only unhealthy to our skin and home environment for the fumes we inhale but also harmful to the water system through which these chemicals finally leak through.

Household cleaning products, including soaps and detergents, are a big part of this group.

Over the last two years, I have made a lot of effort to eliminate toxic cleaning supplies from my grocery list while introducing more eco-friendly, plant-based cleaning products. Through this blog, I want to share my experience, reviews, suggestions, and mention some of my favorite everyday household cleaning products that you could benefit from too.

1. ECOS Laundry Detergent:

There has been a concept (of the past) that you can’t wash off the germs from your clothes without proper chemicals. As true as that stands, there is no need to use harsh and toxic chemicals for our laundry detergents. If we have the option of using a more plant-based, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly cleaning agent, then why not?

Eco-friendly laundry detergent from Ecos

Ecos has been our favorite laundry detergent for two years now, and I have been so happy and contented with this switch. The idea that my laundry detergent is doing a fantastic job, using the right eco-friendly ingredients, is non-toxic to my household and the waterways, perfectly fits my bill.

Ecos also does have a wide range of other cruelty-free cleaning products including pet care and all of them are within an affordable price range that doesn’t break your bank.

2. Cleancult Dish Soap

Ever since I started using a plant-based dishwashing liquid, I know in my heart that I can never go back to whatever I used before.

I am someone who finds its extremely difficult to wash my dishes wearing a rubber glove. I have also had episodes of burning rashes on my skin using certain dishwashing liquids and it was a burning nightmare for my skin. But from the time I switched to a more eco-friendly, plant based dish liquid, I have had no complains. ❀

A set of non-toxic soap refill packets from Cleancult

I have done quite some experiments with my purchases over these years and I have loved using all of the products so far. I am currently using the Cleancult Liquid Dish Soap and I am so pleased with its fragrance and cleaning quality. Cleancults liquid soap has a pretty thick consistency and I don’t mind diluting it with some water as I do my dishes.

Their concept of plastic-free packaging is what drew me to try this product in the first place. Moreover Cleancult is also dedicated to making other vegan, cruelty-free and eco friendly everyday household products which is a bonus. They do have a subscription model but it is pretty flexible. Also, because I did have an extra soap dispenser that I wanted to use, I ordered only for the refills and I am all sorted for the next couple of months.

If you’d like to try Cleancult too, feel free to use my discount code and get a 35% off on your first order.

Some of the other brands that I have used and loved are Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyer’s, Dr. Bronner Pure-Castile soap and again Ecos

3. Blueland Cruelty-free Handwash Tablets

The above companies have an incredible reputation for their quality and eco-friendly mission and handwash liquids are a part of their diverse product line.

Foaming hand soap glass bottles from Blueland

I am sure, that you might have heard the name as it is doing quite a few popular rounds across social media. Yes, I am talking about Blueland.

The non-toxic handwash that I am currently using is from Blueland and omg I am so happy. Quite similar to the no-plastic packaging concept of Cleancult, Blueland too is working on minimizing plastic and toxic waste into the environment. Impressed by their mission, I decided to give it a go and ordered their hand soap duo which comes with two solid glass foaming dispensers and a bunch of soap tablets. They too have a flexible subscription model that can save you trips to the store.

I must say, we are extremely happy with such an eco-friendly handwash solutions. They get the job done without breaking my wallet. Moreover, if your on to minimizing your carbon footprint, you will be delighted to know that the entire order comes plastic free. Isn’t that something?

4. Non-Toxic All-Purpose Cleaner

I try keeping minimum things of the same nature and all-purpose cleaning liquids are one of them. Not only does this mean I have one less thing to worry about, save some extra bucks, but also save some space.

non-toxic plant based Sevent Generation all-purpose cleaner

I believe that like hand soaps, all-purpose cleaners must be non-toxic by default, since there is always a chance of them coming in direct contact with our skin. As for my current favorite, I am using Seventh Generations’s all-purpose cleaner which is perfect for different surfaces, is non-toxic, vegan and eco-friendly. However, I am very eager to try Cleancult or Blueland the next time, as I am seriously impressed by their no plastic policy.

There are also many other options that are available in the stores today, and I’m sure you would love to check out this list of Best All Purpose Cleaners of 2020 featured on Spruce to make a pick that best suits your purpose and budget.

5. BAC-OUT Eco-friendly Toilet, Bathroom and Drain Cleaners

The last lap of this list must have a mention for the bathrooms that we women try so hard to keep clean and sparkling. For this section of my favorite non-toxic and plant-based bathroom cleaner is from Biokleen. Similar to the other sustainable products mentioned in this list, Biokleen is another company that dedicates itself to making sustainble products for both our homes and our planet.

eco-friendlly BAC-OUT bathroom cleaners from Biokleen

Also, companies like Mrs. Meyer, Seventh Generation, Blueland, Cleancult, Ecos and so many others are invested in bringing affordable, cruelty-free, non-toxic and environment-friendly cleaning solutions for the home.

If you’d like to learn more, make sure you also check out this fantastic list of cruelty-free cleaning products recommended by Peta.

Why do we need Cruelty-free Home Cleaning products?

One may think that adopting a vegan lifestyle demands being conscious of their purchasing decision. But the truth is, if you adopt the vegan way you also adopt a more compassionate way of life on a much larger scale that goes beyond just a diet.

People trying to adopt this kind of lifestyle are constantly striving to minimize their carbon footprint in whatever way possible and choose one that suits their lifestyle and budget. Products beyond your refrigerator, which I mean home cleaning products, consists of a chunck of your household requirement and even your budget. Considering that there is so much pollution, global warming and toxicity in our environment, choosing non-toxic chemicals over traditional ones makes a huge impact on not only our homes, our children and our pets but also on the environment.

Are Cruelty-free Cleaning Products Expensive?

There is this notion that all things vegan are beyond the common man’s reach and are extremely expensive when compared to the regular brands.

Well, let’s change our perspective a little bit here.

  1. Not all vegan products are expensive. With the rising trend in demand for eco-friendly sustainable home cleaning products today, there are more brands than ever who are committed to catering excellent quality products to the end consumers. While I have just listed a few of my favs in this blog, there are a plenty more that you can find around you.
  2. Purchasing refills are a great way to save and enjoy the value of your money. Instead of buying several small bottles, try buying a large refill that will last you for months and you would see for yourself that the cost of each refill that you make into you spray or pump bottles are definitely cheaper than buying several regular bottles. Also it helps you budget your household expenses more efficiently.
  3. Also, ask yourself where you’re putting your hard-earned money into. Most of us would always like to spend our money on products that make an impact of some sort that would help someone in need. Most of these plant-based companies are also dedicated in doing the same. They have their corporate social responsibility to protect the environment, waterways and the animals and if we believe in this mission, we need to make the switch.
  4. The cycle of Demand and Supply also stands true in this case. Companies make and cater what their consumers want. If more people decide to make this connection and switch for more environment friendly, plant-based chemicals, companies will be encouraged to test and produce better cruelty-free products in the years to come. And when that’s on a roll, price should never be an issue. Also leaving reviews for products would be immensely helpful to such companies research and development, driving them to deliver better.
  5. Look at the bigger picture when you make your transition. This is something I absolutely believe in. Minimizing our carbon foot-print or adopting a compassionate lifestyle where everything is so taken for granted isn’t easy. But it isn’t difficult either. If we try to take a look at the bigger picture, we will understand how our behaviour impacts the environment and what we will leave behind for our children in the years to come. ❀

I hope you found this post helpful and wish each one of you, a greener and a more compassionate tommorrow!

Also, this post is NOT sponsored. πŸ™‚

Feature Photo by Vegan Liftz on Unsplash


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  1. Sheree says:

    It’s amazing what you can achieve with bicarbonate of soda, vinegar or lemon juice, marseille soap, citric acid, salt and water.

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    1. nabomitadas says:

      I completely agree Sheree… Soda bicarb and Vinegar is such a great combination. I have used Castille Soap diluted with water and it has been so effective.. πŸ˜€

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