About Me

Nabomita Das Roy

Digital Marketer | Content Creator | Email Marketer

Hey There!

This is me, the face and the person behind “From My Vegan Diary”.

I started this blog 5 years back and it wasn’t until recently that I took this platform seriously. From what started as a passion for baking vegan cakes, brownies, and cookies, turned out as lifestyle choice and finding my passion creating easy and healthy everyday vegan meals.

As a professional, I am a Textile Design graduate from India, and over these incredible 11 years, I have worn many hats as a designer, merchandiser, product developer, business development, content creator, and digital marketer. Besides pursuing my career, I am a practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism and Reiki, I love creating surface prints, gardening, rescuing and fostering dogs, and live with the willingness to minimize my carbon footprint on this beautiful planet.

And, If you would like to pick my brain a little bit more, feel free to hop onto my other blog, Mindeology. 🙂

What else do I like Doing?
  • Enrich me by Reading
  • Explore by Travelling
  • Playing Piano
  • Patio Gardening
  • Enjoy the best desserts I can
  • Cherish time with family, friends and my mutt