Quick Noodle Salad

Its not long that I have chosen to become vegan and the great part of it is since I have always enjoyed eating vegetables and salads, the journey is becoming an interesting exploration. When I enter a grocery store now all I can look for is colorful veggies and am sure for all you with whom I share this common interest, you could agree with me in just no time.

photo-1452948491233-ad8a1ed01085I mean, there is so much variety and such a colorful plate to make a meal for. I am being pretty excited about all this. 🙂

However, I love cooking and at the same time do not enjoy spending hours in the kitchen on a regular basis to make a meal for me. Who would like to do that on a daily level? So, then I am in a phase of the 10 minutes meal brainstorming. A meal that would be healthy, filling, and colorful. Just having a salad might not be all to me, so a fist of easy quick carb is a really a good idea. Well, the internet is flooding with ideas. From YouTube to Pinterest , there is delicious, healthy and colorful vegan meal ideas  everywhere and if you have the knack and the open-mindedness to welcome a new palate, then there is absolutely no reason to boredom and to looking back.

This ‘easy-peasy’ noodle salad is no rocket science but an exciting and easy fix to my 10 minute lunch theory. So here it goes; I have an immensely simple list to describe so you may have to bear with my current level of modesty.

From what I had in my refrigerator:

  • Baby Carrots – Thinly sliced
  • Broccoli Florets- Steamed in hot water
  • Some Baby Spinach Leaves- Steamed with the Broccoli ( we are saving time 😉 )
  • Portbello Mushrooms
  • Chicken Tenders ( the vegan ones from Gardein). My excitement to try them out has been pretty much worth it. They are good to taste, happily plant based and satiating too.
  • and the for the show stopper- a cake of noodles to be boiled. 🙂

What I did for the 10 min wrap-up session:

  • Place your magic pot with water to boil, add the noodles and just bout when its their last 3 minutes to go add the broccoli florets and spinach leaves into it and then drain them through a strainer.
  • Heat your non-stick wok with a drizzle of olive oil, and add the chopped broccoli florets, mushrooms and the vegan chicken tenders with a seasoning of salt and pepper and let them cook, stirring intermittently to add that random crunch to the veggies.
  • In a bowl, add the warm drained noodles, chopped carrots and the stir fried veggies, vegan chicken tender and mix well like the norm of a salad. 🙂 and yes 10 mins and your done.
  • Adding some chopped nuts will add an addition of taste and crunch to your quick vegan colorful noodle salad.

And in no time this lunch bowl of health is ready to be enjoyed!

I hope you enjoyed my amateur noodle salad although I have a long way to go. 🙂




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